About Us

Atlas Tarabar International transportation Co.
Atlas Tarabar international transportation company, established in 1998 in Tehran, is one of the main companies of Atlas Group which started its activities as an affiliated company of OIIC (subsidiary of Iran Oil Ministry). 
Activities & Services: 
- Shipment of ATK for Imam Khomeini Int. Air Port 
- Loading & transportation oil products from /to Iran’s neighboring countries ( Iraq , Afghanistan , Armenia & Turkey )
- Carrying cargo & oil products from CIS countries to northern & southern ports of Iran.
- Rail shipment of oil products
- Loading & discharging operations, import, export & transit licensed goods
Atlas Nilgoon Darya Shipping Co.
This company was establish as a completing segment of trans shipment operations of Atlas Group in Iran, acting as a port and marine services . this company intends to purchase motor vessels to establish shipping lines in Caspian sea and open seas in south of Iran . 
Activities & Services: 
- Providing Marine services
- Establishing shipping lines in northern and southern seas 
- Acting as shipping agents for shipping lines
- Offering investment consultation for investors in port and marine sector
- Port terminal management 
- Ship management 
Fereydoon Kenar Port Co.
Rahbaran Bandare Fereyoonkenar was established in 2008 as first private port of Iran. RBF is the first Iranian company that leased an Iranian port. Fereydoonkenar port is a multipurpose port in North of Iran and a very convenient gate for CIS and Russia in an area of 70,000 M2 and having a costal line of 1500 m. 
Activities & Services: 
- Loading Discharge Services
- Facilitating Custom Clearance
- Offering agents a proper atmosphere
- Facilitating ships procedures
Petro Qasr Co.
Petro Qasr discharge & loading site was registered in 2005 and is active in the international trade of fuel products. 
Company has provided advanced loading and discharge facility on the western border of Iran (with Iraq), providing excellent infrastructure for the trade of petroleum products.
This terminal has been built as a partnership with Oil Industry Investment Co. Total area of the terminal is about 40,000 square meters.
Activities & Services: 
- Providing reliable discharge loading services 
- Storages for oil products 
- Facilitating customs clearance procedures 
- Offering transshipment of products
Atlas Energy Sarax Co.
This plant was established in 2009 as the first mini refinery at Sarax special economical zone in Iran. At the moment the 1st line is running and 2nd and third lines will start working eventually during the first year of running. 
The plant is located close to Iran borders to CIS countries as providers of raw material and also Afghanistan and Pakistan as demanding markets. Shahid Hashemi Nejad refinery is 25 Km away from this plant which can be considered as an advantage.
Activities & Services: 
- Located in an area of 10,000 m2 
- Having the potential of refining all kinds of crude oil and liquid gases as raw material
- Having 3 independent refining lines, each capable of a production capacity of 18,000 Mt /yr
- Providing a total annual quantity of 54,000 Mt. 
Sesame Sahand Co.
The company was established in 1998. It is situated in Yazd province centre of Iran, and is active in the production of Sesame oil and related products. The company has a good internal market, as well as export to many of the Central Asian countries. 
Sir-win Horse Club
At Sirwin we produce some of the best Arabic and Turkmen breeds which normally achieves top scores in the national competitions. Sirwin is situated at the west of Tehran province in a pleasant country location, in about 60,000 m² landscape. At Sirwin club we also hold training courses for our members.